Angelia LED


Angelia LED Light


Angelia Light with LED or fluorescent light supplier is produced with efficient and modern design. Usable for offices and commercial places. Uniform light distribution, beautiful design, and energy saving are features of this model.

Characteristics of Angelia LED light:

Body Material: Steel sheet

Color: Electrostatic powder

Body Color: Black, White and Silver

Variety of Color temperature (LED model)

Diffuser material: Anti shock, Anti scratch and UV

Lack of UV and IR waves

High efficiency

LED Life time: 50000 hours above

CRI: 80% above

Surface/Recessed installation on rabitz ceiling, panel size 60*60

Easy Access to Electronic Components

Earthing system

Hold grid by strip holder (Fluorescent model)

Lamp holder with adjustable aperture

Able to install anodized grid MIRO4 (Fluorescent model)

Ability to custom order with electrical specifications.

Technical Specifications توان (W) نمود رنگ (CRI) شار نوری (LM) (L (mm (W (mm mm)E1) (E2 (mm (H(mm نوع لامپ
TLQ30BL040 ۴۰ ۸۰« ۳۹۵۰ ۵۹۵ ۵۹۵ ۳۷۷ ۲۶۸ ۵۰ LED