Arian Garden


Arian Garden and Wall LED Lights 


Azera  LED lights are with high efficiency, strong structure and resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Characteristics of Arian Garden LED:

Body Material of Garden Light Model: Aluminum

Body Material of Wall light Model: Steel sheet

Color: Electrostatic powder

Body Color: Black an White

Variety of Color temperature

Lack of UV and IR waves

High productivity and efficiency

LED Life time: 50000 hours above

CRI: 80% above

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions

Constant current electrical driver with standard power factor

Ability to custom order with electrical specifications

Cataloge Arian Garden

کد فنی توان(W) نمود رنگ(CRI) لومن بر وات(Lm) شار نوری (Lm) (L (mm (W (mm (H (mm
TUS1102010 ۱۰ ۸۰ ۸۰ ۸۰۰ ۲۲۶ ۱۲۰ ۸۵۰