Arno LED Light


Arno LED, SA Series

Arno LED bulkhead wall lights are anti shock and anti scratch, so they can be used in industrial places and lifts.

Beautiful design, energy saving, high level of protection, sturdy and durable structure are features of this model.

Characteristics of Arno LED

Body Material: Die-cast aluminum

Color: Electrostatic powder

Body Color: White, Black and Silver

Diffuser material: Prismatic glass

Lack of UV and IR waves

High Efficiency

LED Life time: 50000 hours above

CRI: 80% above

Easy Access to Electronic Components

Repair Capability and Easy Maintenance

Standard Gland IP65

Sealing by standard silicone tape

Earthing system

Electronic driver with power factor over 98% and THD less than 18%

Custom capability driver

Easy Installation

Surface installation

Ability to custom order with electrical specifications

cataloge Arno

کد فنی توان(W) نمود رنگ(CRI) شارنوری LM (L (mm (E (mm (W1 (mm (H (mm
TLQ19CO15 ۱۵ ۸۰ ۹۰۰ ۲۲۷ ۱۴۱ ۲۹۵ ۹۰